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  1. Lenovo Tab M7 LTE ZA570081PH

    7-inch, Quad-Core, 3500mAh, 32GB

    ₱6,495 ₱7,495 13%
  2. Lenovo Tab E7 Slate Black

    7-inch WSVGA, MediaTek MT8321A/D, 8GB, 2750mAh

    ₱4,495 ₱5,995 25%
  3. Lenovo M7 3G ZA560039PH Onyx Black

    7-inch HD, MediaTek MT8321, 3590mAh, 16GB

    ₱4,995 ₱5,995 17%
  4. Lenovo Smart Tab M8 LTE with Charging Dock

    8-inch HD, MediaTek Helio A2, 32GB, 5000mAh

    ₱8,495 ₱9,495 11%